Lenovo Z5’s Fullscreen Display Without Notch or Chin Teased in New Render

Lenovo Z5's Fullscreen Display Without Notch or Chin Teased in New Render


  • Teaser photo shows the bottom half of the smartphone
  • Lenovo Z5 is expected to be unveiled on June 14
  • The smartphone will not have the top notch on its display

Lenovo’s VP Chang Cheng teased the arrival of the Lenovo Z5 smartphone a few days ago, and it is pegged to be a true fullscreen display with the absence of the notch housing sensors as well. Now, Cheng has posted another render, this time showing the bottom half of the screen. The Lenovo Z5 is believed to be unveiled on June 14, and presumably it will first be launched in China.

Cheng has posted this latest photo on Weibo showing the bottom edge of the smartphone. If these teasers are anything to go by, the Lenovo Z5 is set to be the first smartphone without any notch or chin whatsoever. It will be interesting to see where Lenovo houses the selfie camera, earpiece, and sensors including the ambient light and proximity sensor.

If there is indeed a no notch display, then probably the front camera flips up just like the Vivo APEX, but this is pure speculation. The Vivo APEX currently offers screen to body ratio at 91 percent, and Lenovo may be looking to challenge that with the upcoming smartphone. Cheng in one of his teasers had hinted that the screen-to-body ratio on the smartphone could be more than 95 percent.

Apart from boasting about its design, there is little else Cheng has revealed about the smartphone. He mentioned vaguely that the new model will include four technological breakthroughs and 18 patented technologies. As mentioned, the Lenovo Z5 is expected to launch on June 14 and presumably specification details will start to crop up as we near the date of unveil.