Adidas’ PureControl Cleats Use Phone Case Tech To Ditch Laces


Technology has changed how sports are played, with companies, players, and staff having spent hours upon hours monitoring player vitals in an attempt to tweak how players approach a game.

Adidas is using all of its knowledge collected over the years to craft a brand-new pair of soccer cleats. But these aren’t your ordinary cleats. The company has ditched laces altogether, and is building the cleats using the same material used to make smartphone cases.

While normal cleats would use laces to tighten, in the PureControl cleats, there are three key areas that are designed to keep the boots in place and offer a glove-like fit. First of all, there’s a thermoplastic polyurethane, or TPU cage, which locks in the middle of the foot. To offer additional anchoring, Adidas is using its PrimeKnit locking system, which it has also used in 3D-printed shoes, and which is very elastic, tightening around the user’s foot for lock down and lateral stability, as well as a larger heel pocket and sole plate that is designed to reduce the weight.

The result of these shoes is, according to Adidas, a “larger surface area to generate more power and accuracy.” Basically, there are plenty of players who blame their laces for a lack of accuracy, and that’s no longer possible.

The new Ace 16+ PureControl shoes will, according to Adidas, be worn by Mesut Ozil from Arsenal and Ivan Rakitic from Barcelona, starting on Jan. 23. You can also, for around $300, pick up a pair for yourself at the flagship Adidas stores in Barcelona, London, Manchester, Marseille and Paris, and selected retailers, or order online.