Adobe Creative Cloud update includes VR and collaboration tools

Adobe Creative Cloud ka-boom

The new CC also adds new animation functions and easy access of motion graphics libraries

At this week’s IBC show, Adobe will announce new features in Adobe Creative Cloud to help users edit VR content, generate graphics and animations, and refine video. The new capabilities which will be available to users in the coming months, include:

  • Editors wanting to work with professional graphics or graphics packages created in After Effects can access motion graphics templates in Adobe Stock and through Creative Cloud Libraries. Responsive design options for preserving spatial and temporal relationships and other usability improvements to the Essential Graphics panel in Premiere Pro will also be included.
  • Character Animator 1.0 will be unveiled with changes to core and custom animation functions, such as pose-to-pose blending, new physics behaviors and visual puppet controls. Adobe Sensei helps improve lip-sync capability by accurately matching mouth shape with spoken sounds.
  • VR editors using Premiere Pro can review their timeline and use keyboard driven editing for trimming and markers while wearing the same VR head-mounts as the viewer. Audio can be placed by orientation or position and exported as ambisonics audio for VR-enabled platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. VR effects and transitions are now native and accelerated via the Mercury playback engine.
  • Collaborative workflows on the Local Area Network are improved with managed access features that allow users to lock bins and provide read-only access to others. Formerly in beta, the release of Team Projects will offer smoother workflows hosted in Creative Cloud and the ability to more easily manage versions with auto-save history.
  • Adobe Audition adds customisable session organisation to multi-take workflows and continuous playback while editing. Powered by Adobe Sensei, auto-ducking is added to the Essential Sound panel that automatically lowers the music when dialogue is spoken.

For Mac users, the update will require Mac OS X 10.11 or higher. Users running an older version of Mac OS X, such as 10.10 can continue to run and install current and previous versions of the Creative Cloud applications, but will not be able to install or run this release of the Creative Cloud desktop applications until they upgrade to a supported version of OS X. Apple provides a free update to the latest version of OS X (10.11).

Creative Cloud Desktop, which manages application installs, will continue to be supported on OS X 10.10 and above. The next major release of Lightroom will be supported on OS X 10.11 and above