All Star Citizen Backers Can Now Access Available Modules

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As of today, all Star Citizen backers will be able to access any available gameplay module without purchasing premium alpha access or five dollar module passes.

Anyone who has been following the crowd-funding of Star Citizen is aware that the project has a pretty complicated rewards structure involving tons of stretch goals thanks tothe millions of dollars that excited fans have contributed. A new change to the structure of the rewards tiers will now allow all backers, rather than just the ones who contributed the most, to access all of the game’s available modules from this point forward.

Up until this point in the game’s development and testing, only backers at the premium tier were able to play all of the modules. Lower level backers had access to lots of content, but had to wait until after the premium members explored it first, before they would eventually be allowed in. The game’s one million backers can now play all available modules without purchasing the Alpha Access tier or the $5 module passes.

The game’s creator, Chris Roberts, explained the change in his latest address to the community…

“In honor of our newest Citizen (really, our thousands of new Citizens) we would like to give something back to the entire community for all your incredible support… Anyone who has pledged for a Star Citizen Package can now play today without worrying they won’t have access to some portion of the ‘Verse in the future. No Star Marine pass, no Alpha 2.0 pass… no additional payment needed for any module in the works, pre-release.”

Players who have already paid the piper for premium access will be compensated with in-game currency. Sometime in the next few days Alpha Access pass holders will receive 10,000 UEC and Arena Commander pass holders will receive 5,000 UEC. If that doesn’t feel like fair compensation, then I’m sure we’ll hear from the community shortly.Star Citizen has a lot of eyes on it as it attempts to single-handedly revive the space fighter sim genre and live up to the hype of its incredibly successful crowd-funding campaign. The road to release has been a long one and the community has experienced its fair share of drama, but the general feedback on the game has remained positive. The threat of feature creep has been very real as more features and assets were added with each stretch reward, but hopefully a finished version of the game will arrive sometime before the end of 2016.





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