Apple Displaces Canon as Top Camera Brand on Flickr in 2015


As it had last year, Yahoo’s Flickr has once again revealed the top camera brands used to capture photos uploaded on the website in 2014-2015.

Talking about the top camera brands, we saw Apple displacing Nikon for the second position after Canon last year. This year, the Cupertino-based tech giant has taken the top spot from Canon, and is followed by Nikon, Samsung, Sony, and Fujifilm, in that order.

In terms of the top cameras used to take photos uploaded during 2014-2015, the iPhone and Canon models captured all of the top 10 positions. Apple iPhone 6 was on top rank with 5 percent share, followed by iPhone 5s (4.9 percent), iPhone 5 (4.2 percent), iPhone 4S (3.5 percent), iPhone 4 (2.5 percent), iPhone 6 Plus (2.2 percent), Canon EOS 5D Mark II (1.9 percent), iPhone 5c (1.8 percent), Canon EOS Rebel T3i (1.6 percent), and Canon EOS 5D Mark III (1.5 percent). The first Android device (the Samsung Galaxy S4) is at 11th place.

It was also found out that top 18 camera pairings are between iPhone models, with the top pairing and iPhone 5s and iPhone 6. “The Canon 5D mark II and III is paired frequently with iPhones, and we even see a few Canon and Nikon combinations on the list,” said Flickr Data Scientist Bhautik Joshi incompany blog post. In 19th place is the iPhone 5 & Canon EOS 5D Mark II pairing, followed by Canon EOS 5D Mark II & Canon EOS 5D Mark III, iPhone 5s & Canon EOS 5D Mark II, iPhone 4S & Canon EOS 5D Mark II and others.

The report adds that in terms of pairings, 12.2 percent photographers on Flickr used a camera phone & Digital SLR camera pairing in 2015, while 12.1 percent used cameraphone & point and shoot; 10 percent used digital SLR & point and shoot, 2.4 percent used cameraphone & mirrorless camera, and the same percentage of photographers used a digital SLR & mirrorless camera pairing.