Ark’s Latest Update Adds “Terror Bird,” Grappling Hooks, and More

The wild world of Ark: Survival Evolved continues to grow today with a new update that introduces a “terror bird,” grappling hooks, and a new gameplay system called Tribe Alliances.

The Terror Bird, officially known as the Phorusrhacidae Rapidesultor, is described as an aggressive beast that is fast on the ground, but, like a chicken, is mostly flightless. It stands 8-12 feet tall and can also be tamed and then ridden. Developer Studio Wildcard says it makes for an “excellent combat mount,” especially when you’re looking to harass other players or make a move quickly.

As for the grappling hook, this is a multi-purpose tool, one function of which is helping you scale things like cliffs and other surfaces. You can also attach it to a flying creature to go for a ride or use it against other players or beasts to drag them behind you.

Today’s Ark update also introduces a new Tribe Alliance feature that lets groups work together and upgrades to the game’s fishing mechanics, among other things. More details on what’s available in the new update are available here.

This new update is available today on PC with a release for theXbox One edition presumably to follow. In addition, Ark ismarked down to $20 on Steam as part of the platform’s new Lunar Sale.

Ark remains an in-development game through Steam Early Access and the Game Preview system on Xbox One. Though the game is not even finished, it’s been a big hit with millions of copies sold on PC and a fast start on Xbox One. Studio Wildcard has big plans for the future, which you can read about inGameSpot’s interview with creative director Jesse Rapczak.