Bandai Namco Announces Giant Monster Survival Game For PS4 & Vita

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Bandai Namco releases a trailer for City Shrouded in Shadow, a new game developed by famed Disaster Report developer Granzella which tasks players with surviving a giant monster attack as a regular civilian.

When Resident Evil brought major attention to the “survival horror” genre back in 1996, gamers were entertained trying not to die from hordes of zombies. But as the years went by, the genre changed with the times. Survival horror games have gone from tank-control zombie shooters to fights for survival in the woods or being stalked by a monstrosity from the shadows. Just when it begins to feel as though survival horror has covered every possible situation, Bandai Namco announces a new title that will cast gamers as a hapless civilian trying to survive a giant monster battle.


The upcoming PS4 and PSVita game, entitled City Shrouded in Shadow, comes from Granzella, a studio previously known for developing the natural disaster survival series Disaster Report. Much likeDisaster Report, City Shrouded in Shadow puts player in a city overcome with chaos – buildings explode, rubble rains down onto the scared populace, flaming cars are thrown about like playthings. But it isn’t an earthquake or a tsunami that threatens the city; instead, it’s a giant monster.

City Shrouded in Shadows Ultraman

Taking a page from the JJ Abrams-produced blockbuster hit Cloverfield, gamers must survive a monster attack as a regular citizen. The announcement trailer shows the unlucky protagonist climbing through abandoned subway trains, shielding his eyes from flames, and rolling to narrowly avoid a giant foot. Much like Disaster Report before it, City Shrouded in Shadow will task gamers with simply surviving during the mayhem brought about by the mysterious giant monster.

While the trailer does not reveal what the monster looks like, an accompanying announcement article in popular Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu reveals that legendary tokusatsu hero Ultraman will make an appearance in the game. While the red-and-white super hero has traditionally been portrayed as a good guy, it’s unknown if Ultraman will serve as the game’s antagonist or if the character will be called to fight the monster wrecking the city.

Granzella might be best known stateside for having to cancel the all-but-finished Disaster Report 4after the devastating earthquake that befell Japan in 2011, but the studio has promised that City Shrouded in Shadow will actually see release.

With the trailer revealing very little, fan speculation is raging about just what the title will feature. And with a brief Godzilla-esque shadow being glimpsed in the trailer, it’s very possible that City Shrouded in Shadow will be a crossover, albeit a crossover experienced at ground-level as a terrified Japanese businessman.

Bandai Namco has yet to announce a Western release for the title, but gamers live in hope thatCity Shrouded in Shadow will get an English release.


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