Check Out Dark Souls 3’s Different Weapon Styles in 12 Minutes of Gameplay

If you can’t wait for Dark Souls III and want to see some gameplay now, then we’ve got what you need. Developer From Software recently livestreamed the area seen in the demo from PAX Prime; however, they took on the inhabitants with four different styles of weaponry.

YouTuber Giuseppe Nelva, who writes for DualShockers, archived the stream which showed off three different styles of swords and a mace. The stream featured the different Arts you can utilize with each weapon. The Great Sword’s Weapon Art has the player lunging forward with their shoulder and launching the enemy upwards with the sword.

The videos also showcase the Long Sword, Scimitar, and Mace. The long sword can be used to break down an enemy’s defenses with its Ready Stance, while the scimitar can send the player spinning in a flurry of attacks–both in the air and on the ground. The Mace, on the other hand, seems to utilize a defense booster.

You can check out the Great Sword in the video above and the rest in the videos below.

The Dark Souls III Season Pass showed up on Steam and the Xbox Marketplace yesterday. And if you’re wondering if you can run the third entry in the series on your PC, then you can check out its system requirements right here.

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