The Best Titanfall 2 Deluxe and Standard Edition Deals

The Best Titanfall 2 Deluxe and Standard Edition Deals

Pick up Titanfall 2 this Friday with discount deals and bonuses worth up to $11 in value.

Titanfall 2 is arriving in less than a few days as EA looks to continue the franchise into a trilogy. For fans of the giant mech romp title, the latest installment will bring single-player campaign action back along with deeper multiplayer mechanics. Unfortunately the game does not qualify for EA’s Access early play – which seems counter-intuitive given early impressions and reviews are strongly positive.

If recent reviews and let’s plays got you intrigued, we’ve rounded up all the best Titanfall 2 deals for both the Deluxe and Standard Edition from PC version to console.  In fact, select retailers will even give extra pre-order bonuses to digital console copies too.

For the quick reader’s digest version on which Titanfall 2 deals to pick up: Xbox One gamers should head to Microsoft Store for a $10 bonus gift card (by buying either digital or physical); PC gamersshould pick up the Origin code for $48.99 at GMG; and finally PS4 gamers can pick up a $10 reward bonus on the physical copy at Best Buy.

Best Titanfall 2 Standard Edition Deals

  • Titanfall 2: $48.99 (Origin/PC) at GMG
    Must add to cart to see deal
  • Titanfall 2: $59.99 (Xbox One) at Microsoft
    Bonus: $10 gift code via email
  • Titanfall 2: $59.99 (PlayStation 4) at Best Buy
    Bonus: $10 rewards point

For the Standard Edition, you can opt for an $11 off deal at GMG for the Origin digital copy (an 18% discount). On console choose from either Microsoft Store or Best Buy for the $10 pre-purchase bonus. Note that for the deal at Microsoft, you can also choose to pick up the digital copy and still receive a $10 gift code bonus. This allows you to pre-load on your Xbox One (which is now live) to prepare for Friday’s launch. Even with the Day 1 patch being only 88MB (a complete game – *gasp*), you’d still want to pre-load early as the download is at about 35GB.

Best Titanfall 2 Deluxe Deals

  • Titanfall 2 Deluxe Edition: $79.99 (Xbox One) at Microsoft
    Bonus: $10 gift code via email
  • Titanfall 2 Deluxe Edition: $79.99 (PlayStation 4) at Best Buy
    Bonus: $10 rewards point

The Deluxe Edition is at a pricey $80, but if you’re a die-hard Titanfall fan wanting all the digital perks, this is the edition for you. Buying either at Microsoft Store or Best Buy will net you a $10 pre-purchase bonus before Friday’s release. Note that for the Best Buy copy, given you’re spending $80 – you may want to consider opting in for a two-year subscription of Gamers Club Unlock, which gives you an immediate $16 discount on Titanfall 2 Deluxe Edition and will provide you with additional 20% off on all future game purchases at Best Buy.

What’s in the Titanfall 2 Deluxe Edition?


Custom Titans and gear is why you’d buy the Titanfall 2 Deluxe Edition. Tons of customization options for your pilot and Titan await while you also get access to the upcoming Ion Prime and Scorch Prime DLCs.

  • Ion Prime DLC (available in December)
  • Scorch Prime DLC (available in December)
  • Exclusive Deluxe Nose Arts for each Titan
  • Exclusive Titan Warpaints
  • Splinter Ocean and Quantum Ocean camouflages applicable to every Titan, Pilot, and Weapon
  • Exclusive deluxe call sign

Don’t fret too much on the Ion Prime and Scorch Prime DLCs if you’re on the fence with the Deluxe Edition. They are going to be nice extras, but they won’t be affecting gameplay as they are cosmetic changes. They are skins and upgrades that change the physical appearance of the Ion and Scorch – including new sound effects and new executions. Pretty cool, but certainly not worth the extra $20 for select gamers – even when you consider the two additional camo being offered on every Titan, pilot, and weapon.



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