LinkedIn Provides Advice on How to Maximize Their New Endorsements System

LinkedIn Provides Advice on How to Maximize the New Endorsements System | Social Media Today

To help members take advantage of this, LinkedIn’s published a new post with advice on how to make the most of your endorsements in order to boost your profile and get found by those seeking people with your skills.

First off, LinkedIn advises that users should review their current endorsements and highlight the top skills they’re seeking to be recognized for.

As per LinkedIn:

“All you need to do is add new skills and move the most relevant ones to the top. We do the work of personalizing your endorsements to who’s viewing your profile, and making sure that the most relevant endorsements from connections or experts in the field are highlighted.”

In addition to this, LinkedIn recently released their annual list of the most in-demand skills, based on hiring and recruiting activity on LinkedIn.

The listing groups various LinkedIn skills into broad categories – for example, skills like “Android” and “iOS” are integrated into the “Mobile Development” category. LinkedIn’s full SlideShare includes specific listings of the top skills for 14 countries, providing a wider vision of where the most recruiter interest is, and what skills candidates should put on their profile to be found. Or, if they don’t have the relevant skills, they can gain them via LinkedIn Learning(incidentally, we’re in the middle of LinkedIn’s ‘Week of Learning’ promotion, where the platform is offering free access to their 5,000+ courses for free).

Using the Top Skills as a reference point, LinkedIn advises that people looking to be found by recruiters should add any relevant skills to their profile as part of their endorsements review.

LinkedIn also notes that they’ve added a new feature which “suggests skills and gives insights based on your profile”.

“For example, we can tell you how much more likely you are to receive messages or get a new job if you possess certain in-demand skills. So check them out, and consider updating your profile if you have those skills.”

This feature has been released as part of the endorsements update, but how, exactly, it works is unclear based on the available information.

As with all of LinkedIn’s various data points, endorsements play an important role in how the wider platform works – from their ad targeting, to search to future advancements in predictive modeling. The more accurate, and relevant, they can make each of these features, the better their systems will be.

And aside from that, LinkedIn notes that users who have at least five skills listed on their LinkedIn profile receive up to 17x more profile views.

The update to endorsements is a good reminder to re-assess and re-fresh your LinkedIn profile in order to ensure it’s an accurate reflection of your professional self, and where, ideally, you’re headed in your career.



[Source:- Socialmediatoday]