BioWare Austin Is Working On A New IP

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BioWare Austin unintentionally confirms it is working on a brand new intellectual property thanks to a job posting for a lead software server engineer.

The news that BioWare is hiring for a lead software server engineer may not sound like an interesting development, but a recent job posting of the same title has led to a new discovery:BioWare Austin is working on a brand new intellectual property. The studio is most well known for developing Star Wars: The Old Republic, a game which is no longer considered canonical in the Star Wars universe.

Once work within the Star Wars universe was wrapped up, the studio then went on to help post-production work with both the Mass Effect and Dragon Age properties, and now it looks like the Austin developers are stepping up to the plate to work on a brand new IP.

The Texas-based studio is no stranger to taking on new intellectual properties, and had been developing a game called Shadow Realms for more than a year before the project was canned in 2015. The news of that cancellation didn’t come as a total surprise, considering the game had an upcoming alpha canceled before the studio revealed the would-be IP was potentially getting a total reboot. Instead, it got shut down.

Shadow Realms

Of course, it’s quite plausible that BioWare Austin is being outsourced to work on online components for another new IP that BioWare Edmonton has been working on for the last year. We’ve known that the Canadian studio has been working on a secret project ever since David Gaider revealed as much a year ago, though Gaider himself has now since moved on from the studio.

Edmonton’s new IP has been kept under wraps ever since, and we wouldn’t rule out the possibility that Austin is being tasked to polish the online portion of this currently unannounced game. All that is currently known about Edmonton’s new game is that it is supposedly set in modern times, which certainly distances the new title from other BioWare franchises like Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

However, if the as-yet unannounced IP that BioWare Austin is working on is indeed a brand new one unattached to another studio, then all we know so far is that is contains an online component. Given that the studio put months of work into a four-versus-one co-op title, Austin appears to be the go-to studio for new multiplayer development.

We’ll keep you posted as the news of what BioWare Austin is working on trickles out from behind closed doors.


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