Watch Luigi Beat Every DLC Character in Super Smash Bros. By Doing Nothing

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A new video has surfaced that features Luigi beating every single one of the downloadable fighters in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U by doing absolutely nothing.

Despite being helmed as the overshadowed younger brother, there’s little question that Luigi has been responsible for way more memes than his glamorized sibling – with the most popular undoubtedly being his horrifyingly-evil grimace in Mario Kart 8. As a result, the green-wearing plumber has become somewhat of a fan-favorite amongst gamers, and this notoriety has appropriately carried over to Nintendo’s all-star beat ‘em up, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

Carrying on an existing series with the theme of ‘Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing’, YouTuber Omega Tyrant has pitted the the youngest half of the Super Mario Bros. against all seven of the downloadable Super Smash Bros. fighters. With the likes of Bayonetta and Cloud Strife occupying two of the spots, many gamers would be forgiven for thinking they’d handily take Luigi to task. Evidently, the level nine CPUs end up being their own greatest undoing, as they self-destruct in the face of an unmoving, moustachioed man.

It’s certainly one of the more entertaining fan-made videos floating around the internet, so those looking for a chuckle can check out Luigi in all of his unflinching glory below.


Now that downloadable content for Super Smash Bros. has come to a close, gamers are free to speculate on which future characters could be put to task against a motionless Luigi in future installments. According to a recent report, fans may not be waiting that long to see such endeavors either, as a new game is said to be a launch title for Nintendo’s forthcoming NX console. Whether or not that alleged software happens to be a port or not is unknown, but there’s no doubt that it would see more add-ons in a similar vein to the recent Wii U/3DS iterations.

We’ve already come up with a list of newcomers and veterans we’d like to see and now (thanks entirely to this video) watch Luigi take to school through zero effort. Of course, fans will still be left waiting some time, as word is that the handheld portion of Nintendo’s next console won’t be arriving until the end of the year. Even then, that’s assuming that earlier reports for a new game on the platform are true, so it could be a lot longer before Luigi finds himself dusting opponents off his shoulder with minimal movement.


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