Black Ops 3’s Dead Ops 2 Arcade Gameplay Surfaces

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A new gameplay video for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3‘s hidden mini-game, Dead Ops 2 Arcade, releases and shows off a hearty dose of irreverent zombie-slaying fun.

Today, Kotaku’s Mike Fahey gave Call of Duty: Black Ops 3fans a solid look at the first five minutes of gameplay contained in the top-down shooter mini-game known asDead Ops 2 Arcade: Cyber’s Avengening. While a lot of gamers would consider all that Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 provides as a base title more than fulfilling, the developers at Treyarch obviously want to ensure that fans get the most bang for their buck by including the hidden arcade gem.

As many Call of Duty diehards are aware, Dead Ops 2 Arcade is an expanded continuation of the twin-stick shooter’s first appearance as one of the secrets to unlock in the original Black Ops. Nevertheless, Treyarch has really beefed up the mini-game’s sequel by adding a bunch of new weapons like the Ray Gun, as well as several different power-ups, such as an item that shifts the overhead perspective into first-person view.

With a name like Dead Ops 2 Arcade: Cyber’s Avengening, Call of Duty fans should obviously expect over-the-top gameplay coupled with tongue-in-cheek humor, both of which it delivers in spades. If anything, the return of Cosmic Silverback and his ridiculous animated training montage at the beginning of the clip below definitely warrants a viewing.

Once the reappearance of Dead Ops was teased in the reveal of Black Ops 3‘s trophy list a while back, long-time fans were understandably excited. While the uninitiated might consider the mini-game to be a simple Easter Egg, Dead Ops is far from such diminutive categorization. Not only does the top-down arcade treat offer the chance to blast zombies, but it also has multiple levels, branching pathways, multiplayer capabilities, boss battles, and a competitive points system. In truth, the Dead Ops mini-game is far from mini. It’s an extensive experience unto itself.

The reintroduction of the aforementioned arcade mode is yet another example of Treyarch successfully catering to its fan base with Black Ops 3. On top of the inclusion of Dead Ops 2, the studio is supplying fans with other popular features from the series’ past, such as allowing for the return of a revamped Nuketown map and the fan-favorite Gun Game mode.

By furnishing Black Ops 3 with a ton of updated gameplay and supporting the title with such nostalgic properties, it makes sense why a recent Nielsen poll deemed the soon-to-be released Call of Duty sequel the most anticipated game of Fall 2015. And considering the franchise’s past financial successes, once Treyarch’s next installment in the FPS series drops tomorrow, sales should be explosive.





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