Rainbow Six Siege Has Microtransactions And 1-Year DLC Plan

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Ubisoft details their plan for freeRainbow Six Seige DLC coming in 2016, as well as announce their intentions regarding the game’s microtransactions.

Recently, Ubisoft has detailed plans for microtransactions within its upcoming first-person shooter, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Also revealed are the company’s plans forRainbow Six Siege DLC, which will be coming over the course of the next 12 months.

According to Ubisoft, the recently delayed Rainbow Six Siege is to see four content expansions in 2016. Each expansion will add one new map and two characters (known as operators), each armed with a unique gadget, as well as a new primary and secondary weapon.

The Road map below shows details about Ubisoft’s plan for release dates, currently aimed for January, April, July and October with exact dates to be confirmed sometime in the future. The Road map also states that new game modes will be available, but it is uncertain as to whether we will see any more single player content, or whether the DLC will be solely multiplayer-based.

Ubisoft announced last September that Rainbow Six Siege DLC maps will be coming free to all players in addition to the 10 initial multiplayer maps already in the base game. To support this decision, players will use an in-game currency called Renown in the game’s multiplayer, which can be purchased using real money. Renown can also be earned by playing the game and can be used to purchase new characters and weapon skins.

Siege Road Map

“Nearly everything you do in Rainbow Six Siege will net you Renown, including winning or losing matches, kills, assists, reviving teammates, playing ranked matches, watching tutorials or completing Daily Challenges,” Ubisoft have stated.

Clumsy players may even end up losing Renown, as killing teammates will have a negative impact on your totals. Rainbow Six developers have estimated that each player should earn around 1000 Renown per hour of gameplay, but it should be noted that each operator requires 25,000 renown to purchase.

Players who don’t feel like putting in the hours have another option: buying R6 Credits. These credits act as second in-game currency, available for $4.99 for a pack of 600, which can be used to buy a number of cosmetic features that cannot be obtained through other means. 600 Credits is also the amount needed to buy an operator that would otherwise take roughly 25 hours to unlock. Ubisoft have stressed, though,  that the premium skins solely available for purchase with R6 Credits are purely decorative and will not affect gameplay in any way.

Ubisoft reportedly has high hopes for the latest in the Rainbow Six series with CEO Yves Guillemot even going as far as to say that it may be the best-selling shooter in the company’s history, surpassing Far Cry 4 which has sold 7 million copies to date.






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