Bloodborne Game of the Year Edition Announced

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When it was released earlier this year, many called From Software’s macabre title, Bloodborne, one of the best things on PS4. And although it was one of the best selling games of March, that release date may have kept the game from some serious holiday sales. Clearly Sony had a plan in mind, and they are giving everybody another chance to pick up the game with the Bloodborne Game of the Year Edition later this year.

The Bloodborne GOTY comes with a copy of the base game along with the upcoming The Old Hunters DLC (which also launches separately on November 24). The Old Hunters seems to be a substantial Bloodborneexpansion, offering brand new environments to Yharnam’s dimly-lit setting (such as the clocktower) as well brand new outfits and weapons, including a ranged weapon called Simon’s Bowblade. Additionally, the expansion will allow players to “go native and transform into terrifying beasts”, something which should provide a challenge for even Bloodborne‘s most experienced players.

Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of information that Sony hasn’t revealed about Bloodborne‘s Game of the Year Edition, such as the North American release date. The Bloodborne GOTY will be released in Europe on November 27 but the announcement post on the European PlayStation Blog made no mention of an NA date, nor did it confirm that the GOTY Edition would be released outside of Europe at all.

Bloodborne Old Hunters Bow

Players may also be curious to know whether The Old Hunters DLC will already be on theBloodborne GOTY disc or if it will come as a code. Similarly, there are now concerns as to whether players will have to start a new Bloodborne save in order to play it, as was the case with Dark Soulsand its Artorias of the Abyss DLC. Also, there’s no word on the price of the bundle just yet.

Moreover, some have questioned why Bloodborne is getting a Game of the Year Edition when it only has one expansion pack, but it’s important to note that The Old Hunters is actually two bits of DLC rolled into one. According to From Software, the studio wanted to “have more volume for players to play with”. Sony, on the other hand, will also see the GOTY as the perfect way to promote the PS4 exclusive at a time when the Xbox One’s holiday line-up, with the likes of Halo 5: Guardians and Rise of the Tomb Raider, is considerably stronger.






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