Grand Theft Auto 5 Tank Stunt is Better Than Any Hollywood Movie

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A fan-made Grand Theft Auto 5 video depicts a tank driver’s ridiculously over-the-top stunt during an attempted getaway from some of Los Santos’ finest.

YouTube user BlackSmoke Billy is at it again with a brand new Grand Theft Auto 5 video featuring his latest exploits. As seen in the footage below, he’s taken it upon himself to build a couple of ramps on an airport’s runway strip, and takes to his tank after the police try to bring him down.

While the Grand Theft Auto 5 clip has the air of an excessive and meticulously designed Hollywood action sequence, BlackSmoke Billy pulls off an explosive stunt that could very well trump anything that Tinseltown has produced in the genre. The mayhem begins after a few cop cars get blown up by the tank, followed by an LSPD helicopter hitting the airspace to follow the armored vehicle.

Unfortunately for the chopper’s pilot, BlackSmoke Billy utilizes the aforementioned ramps to pull a ludicrous-looking backflip and blast it out of the sky. As many would agree, the whole scenario plays out like a scene choreographed for an Arnold Schwarzenegger action flick, and it gets a big boost from a soundtrack courtesy of Kevin MacLeod’s composition “Volatile Reaction”.


Fan-made videos such as this one are nothing new. In fact, ever since developers introduced theRockstar Editor – video editing software for use in GTA 5 – plenty of gamers have flooded the Internet with in-game footage of their own for the title. BlackSmoke Billy has tons of them, including a recent video involving a truck stunt that is made up of the player ramping cars right off of the freeway.

There’s even been a spate of mini-films starring non-playable characters from Rockstar’s most recent open world release. For instance, one fan made a fake trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6, while another put together a nuclear apocalyptic-inspired short story about a Vault Dweller scavenging the Wasteland for supplies and being overtaken by Raiders in a Fallout 4 pc mod.

Although Grand Theft Auto 5 has been out for a little over two years now, the fact that the title still makes headlines is a testament to how much fun the game is. As a matter of fact,GTA 5‘s online community is thriving, especially since Rockstar added Freemode Events to the multiplayer mode less than a month ago. Taking all of this into consideration, it was definitely a smart move on the developer’s part to give fans the tools to cull and edit their in-game experiences. Not only does the option give gamers more incentive to playGrand Theft Auto 5, but it also continues to give the title exposure.





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