Bungie Announces Refer-A-Friend Program And Fans Think ‘Destiny’ Is Doomed


Bungie revealed that a  new Refer-a-Friend program is going to arrive into its well-renowned shooter Destiny. Several fans, however, think it’s Bungie’s desperate attempt to win over a huge chunk of its player base, which is already moving toward other recently launched video games.

The developer announced the good news on its weekly update while it spoke about the game’s patch set to roll out soon.

“After this update is deployed, some of the more tech savvy among you will be able to dig up some details for a new initiative we have planned to arrive just in time for the holiday season,”reads Bungie’s blog post on its website. “We’re planning something new to recognize and reward the Sherpas among you. We are calling it Refer-a-Friend.”

Bungie did not go into particulars as to what kind of rewards gamers will get for referring a pal to Destiny. Also, it did not detail the way this new system will operate.

Nevertheless, it hinted that if gamers decide to show their friends the way to “the mountaintop,” it’s going to offer “new rewards” targeted at “recognizing your service to the Kindergarten.”

Bungie added it is currently placing the finishing touches on this new functionality and assured to unbox the complete and final details in the near future.

Fans’ Comments

In the meantime, several fans flocked to Bungie’s Community Forums to react on Bungie’s decision to bring in the reward system.

“[T]his is a new low Bungie. like a pyramid scheme,” said Mortug. “[I ]will NEVER recommend this game to a friend as it is now. [I] will not encourage people to spend money on Destiny because you ask us to.”

He added that rather than offering the reward system, it would be better if Bungie would center its attention on developing something useful for the community.

 ​”​Lol I laughed too when I read it​,” said Jelook. “​It’s almost a desperate attempt. Why would I refer someone to a game that continually screws everyone except broman over? Don’t get me wrong I love destiny. But it has been a downhill roll since house of wolves. I believe it is at its lowest point right now. I will most definitely not be referring anyone to this game until year one weapons are relevant and raids are relevant.”

​JONNY_CANNON, in the meantime, commented that he would rather refer several of his friends to Fallout 4 than toDestiny.

Meanwhile, in addition to this news, Bungie also provided more information pertaining to its November update which is slated to be released in a few days. Among the slew of improvements it laid out include modifications to several merchants, the addition of a new gear manager for its companion app and the comeback of the Iron Banner.

It’s worth mentioning that Iron Banner will feature Clash as the game mode. Senior designer Derek Carroll said the most apparent change for Iron Banner will be the switch to Clash. He said he is anticipating a little less Super ability usage and much more shooting in general.

Previously, Activision disclosed during its latest earnings call that it had already notched a whopping 25 million registered users.

In related news, Sony said earlier this month that the audience of shooter video games, including Destiny, is shifting from Xbox One to PlayStation 4.

“This generation, the shooter audience is tending to switch over to PS4,” said Lauren Bradley, PlayStation UK marketing manager, in an interview.