‘Street Fighter V’ Fans Petition Capcom To Bring Back Rainbow Mika’s Oversexualized Shots

Rainbow Mika

In an effort to convince the developer of Street Fighter V, Capcom, to restore Rainbow Mika’s oversexualized images — mostly her butt slap — fans are launching an online petition.

A number of the video game’s fans have noticed in the past days that Capcom created a slew of adjustments to the animation of Rainbow Mika and to the camera angles of the character’s cutscenes in the latest form of the game’s beta. This lead to launching the petition.

“The original shows Mika slapping her butt to taunt before grabbing, and the final downward slam brings both legs down as is normal in a great deal of wrestling moves,” says the petition with the title “Do not censor Street Fighter V.”

The petition says that in the beta’s newer version, the camera angle moves upwards to conceal the slap, plus the degree of the final downward slam is lost.

“We do not want to accept any censorship of this kind, and we do not wish to purchase censored games,” the petition further states.

The petition also notes that the content should remain uncensored and retain the original form when the game is launched.

In addition to Rainbow Mika’s movements, the entrance of Cammy has likewise been toned down. The original entrance of Cammy had the camera zoomed in on the character’s crotch area; the current version keeps Cammy’s crotch off screen.

It is worth mentioning that these two characters still sport their revealing costumes in the latest form of the beta. It should not come as a surprise, though, because these have already been their outfits since they first made an appearance in the franchise. This suggests that the alterations made by the developer appear to only affect the finishing moves and the camera angles.

 As of press time, the petition has already notched 3,955 supporters.

Meanwhile, Capcom EMEA Brand Manager Brian Ayers said in a recent interview that the company is trying to focus on attracting a different generation of gamers.

“We really hope that Street Fighter V can bring in a newer, younger audience,” said Ayers, thus the toning down of oversexualized components..

Street Fighter V is slated to arrive on PS4 and PC on Feb. 16, 2016.