A checklist: Important SEO points to cover in a content campaign

After you’ve chosen the right execution for your link-building campaign and you’re getting ready to launch it, you can’t forget about search engine optimization (SEO). It’s easy to get caught up in the campaign itself, but putting aside 15 or 20 minutes to make sure your SEO points are covered can pay off by leading to more traffic, engagement and value to the business.

Here’s a checklist of key items and how to SEO them so your content campaign runs smoothly and supports your ranking efforts. While ranking may not be the primary goal of your content campaign, you should at least take care of basic on-page SEO elements. It takes little time and could pay back very well over time. Let’s start with on-page SEO.

Page titles

Yes, I know, this is a basic one, but you’d be surprised how many people forget about optimizing their page titles. If you’re doing a full page makeover with custom HTML  or cascading style sheets, a page title needs to be manually defined since you’re not using a template.

There are two main things to think about here:

  1. Remember the page title shows up in Google search results and could also be used on social channels if open graph tags aren’t present. You want to have a title that is catchy and entices someone to click through to your content piece.
  2. If you’re building a piece of content in hopes of attracting links to it, chances are it could rank for some reasonable-volume keywords. You may as well take time to do basic keyword research and optimize your page title. If you don’t have a convenient, fully relevant keyword to optimize the page for, add a couple of secondary phrases if you can. Try to avoid accidentally targeting a keyword being used by another page and cannibalize rankings.