Common Prophets launches Inner Circle Gaming

Inner Circle Gaming brings you inside the gaming industry like never before, with the unfiltered truth and a unique perspective that can only be authored by those that have been at the center of the business, with the intimate knowledge of how this multi-billion dollar industry really works.

Created by veterans of gaming and interactive entertainment and media, ICG will strive to inform and entertain — and tell the stories that no one else can.

Dave Winding, a 25-year veteran of the gaming industry and lifelong gamer, serves as ICG’s publisher and editor-in-chief. Dave’s history and long list of accomplishments in gaming and interactive entertainment put him in a unique position. As an industry executive and insider who has been involved in every aspect of the business — from sales and marketing to media, market analysis and game development, Dave sees gaming from the perspective of both gamer AND executive — a point of view shared by few others in the industry.

Under Dave’s direction, ICG will feature industry analysis and prognostication, software and hardware features, retrospectives on long-forgotten and overlooked games and platforms, hard-hitting and humorous commentary on the news of the day, interviews with industry luminaries and behind-the-scenes stories that won’t be found anywhere else.

Above all, Inner Circle Gaming will be interactive — allowing gamers to engage in an ongoing dialogue as we discuss the games we love and ask and answer penetrating questions about the reality of the business, the news of the day, and the truth behind that news, and share a few stories that come only from a life well spent . . . with controller in hand