Conductor launches SEO services marketplace for Searchlight users

Image result for Conductor launches SEO services marketplace for Searchlight usersSEO technology firm Conductor is out with a new marketplace in its Searchlight platform. Agency and corporate customers can request managed services directly within the platform interface. The goal is to help alleviate some of the work for SEOs and make SEO tasks more accessible for marketers juggling SEO as just one of the channels they’re tasked with running.

Marketplace. With the new Marketplace solution, marketers can request analyses, educational materials, content briefs and more from Conductor’s team of success managers. “This is a way to streamline a lot of the grunt work of SEO and also make it more accessible to those without an SEO background,” Conductor VP of Digital Strategies, Patrick Reinhart said by phone Thursday. Conductor has more than 60 SEO specialists trained on the platform who are also available to help customers with SEO strategies.

The service is built into Conductor’s existing pricing structure. Silver-level customers can make up to four Marketplace requests in a month; Gold-level can make eight, and so on.

Why we care. This kind of managed SaaS functionality can help SEOs and marketers get more from the platform they’re already paying for while reducing friction in the request process. “Marketplace is way to get things done and execute on the work,” explained Reinhart, “This is us getting into people’s workflows without them having to send an email or phone request.”

This is the first significant new offering from the company since it became employee-owned after nearly two-years under WeWork.