Deal Alert: Everything Is 50 Percent Off In ‘Heroes Of The Storm’

Black Friday Deal

Blizzard has hopped on to the Black Friday sale bandwagon and is offering a flat 50 percent discount on pretty much everything in its latest MOBA title Heroes of The Storm.

The half-price Black Friday sale from the developer of Heroes of The Storm will commence early on Tuesday, Nov. 24 and continue for a good two weeks to give gamers sufficient time to snag their favorite heroes, skins and mounts.

“Time works a little differently in the Nexus, meaning Black Friday will be starting early and lasting a whole two weeks! From November 24 to December 8 the Heroes of the Storm shop will offer the following deals to players in all regions,” notes Blizzard Entertainment.

So thanks to the sale not only will one get all the skins, heroes and mounts at 50 percent discount, but also a 360 Day Stimpack which will be “deeply discounted.”

For the unfamiliar, stimpacks are reward boosters that give a gamer 100 percent bonus experience points, as well as 150 percent bonus gold for each game played. The stimpacks are quite expensive and a 7-day or 30-day boost can cost $3.99 and $9.99, respectively. The 360 Day Stimpack being offered for Heroes of The Storm is a Black Friday special and a limited period item.

Apart from the special stimpack, the Black Friday sale also makes available a new Second Chance bundle for gamers. The bundle includes two skins and four mounts.

• Winter Veil Jaina Skin
• Greatfather Winter Rehgar Skin
• Reigndeer Mount
• Nazeebra Mount
• Lunar Tiger Mount
• Magic Carpet Mount

Remember, you only have till Dec. 8 to take advantage of the Heroes of The Storm sale, so rush and make the most of the deals! Some gamers are already tweeting about the great deal they got!