Square Enix Releasing ‘Lara Croft Go’ Update With ‘Shard Of Life’ Free Expansion

Lara Croft GO The Shard of Life_900x600

Game developer Square Enix knows when it hits gameplay gold, so it made sure that Lara Croft GO borrows the positive aspects ofHitman GO and receives extra content for Thanksgiving Day.

For those who never played Lara Croft GO before, it is a game where you go through spatial puzzles, handle mind-bending situations, defeat monsters, avoid mortal injuries from traps, and collect artifacts. The protagonist, Lara Croft, is basically a feminine Indiana Jones, sans whip.

The game launched in June, and is about to get upgraded right before the national pastime of Thanksgiving (or Black Friday, depending on which is more relevant to you).

Square Enix Montreal prepared The Shard of Life expansion forLara Croft GO, which will be downloadable on both iOS and Android. Unfortunately for Windows Phone users, the developer said nothing about the game coming to their ecosystem, at least for now.

The new content provides 26 new and engaging puzzles waiting for action-adventure enthusiasts to wrap their heads around, either during dead-times at the grocery store or while they’re avoiding awkward family conversations.

The initial Lara Croft GO had five chapters, amassing a total of 75 puzzles, but starting Nov. 26 gamers can snatch the expanded game featuring 101 puzzles, for a special price.

The game’s pricing is also tempting, sporting a discount to celebrate the new expansion. Normally, Lara Croft GOcosts $4.99, but for a short amount of time buyers can get the game for only $2.99, complete with the free expansion. To create extra attraction towards the launch, Square Enix also announced a Twitch event where The Shard of Life will be played.

The game’s sixth chapter takes Lara into a mysterious new place called the Cave of Fire. Her purpose is to find a new obsidian stone, and while doing so she can unveil and collect two additional artifacts. Some hard challenges are ahead, as the monsters present a trait unseen in the previous five chapters.

Square Enix Montreal has a high bar to maintain, after the acclaimed Hitman GO and Hitman Sniper generated a good amount of hype from mobile players and critics alike.

The turn-based approach to the action-adventure game is one of the smartest and visually enticing mobile titles of late, making Lara Croft GO: The Shard of Life a thrilling experience for mobile gamers.