Destiny April Update: How to Get the Taken Armor Set and Emote

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Guardians struggling to find the Taken armor set and its complimenting emote in Destiny‘s April Update should look no further, as we show fans how to get them.

As many die-hard Destiny fans might argue, the April Update for Bungie’s action-MMO has brought about a solid amount of content to tide Guardians over for the time being, at least until the studio releases the game’s next major patch, which is being rumored to release sometime this Fall. Aside from the increase in the Light Level cap from 320 to 335, the new Prison of Elders modes, and the “Blighted Chalice” Strike, most fans would probably claim that the search for the freshly included Chroma and Taken armor sets is the most enjoyable aspect of the Spring Update.

While the colorful Chroma armor definitely looks quite fantastic, a lot of Guardians have had their eyes focused more so on Destiny‘s Taken-skinned gear — officially known as Desolate — ever since it was revealed a while back. However, there may be some fans still unaware as to how to acquire the armor set and its supplementary Shiver emote that mimics the twitchy maneuvers of the Taken, the personal army of Oryx.

Fortunately, receiving the Desolate armor is quite simple, as the complete set can be compiled piece by piece using Destiny‘s new mystery bag items known as Sterling Treasure. Players will be able to earn Sterling Treasure with the Postmaster giving out one out every week (developers are currently working on a bug fix for this before the next weekly reset), within the new Level 41 Prison of Elders, as well as from completing one match in the Weekly Crucible Playlist.


Destiny‘s Sterling Treasure isn’t a promise of getting a Desolate item each time, though, as the boxes only guarantee to give out a single offering from one of the two different five piece sets of Desolate and Spektar, the Chroma-themed set. With that in mind, players should expect to see an assured piece of armor packaged with a potential bonus prize such as a Sparrow, a ship, or a boost within each Sterling Treasure box. Since there’s a chance players will receive duplicate items, fans will have to truly grind to get each piece of armor if they want to take full advantage of all the April Update has to offer.

However, it’s also possible to purchase Sterling Treasure boxes by using Silver, the game’s microtransaction currency, and fans can spend real world money until their hearts are content or at least until the Taken-themed set is complete. Once fans do have the Desolate armor set in full, the Shiver emote related to the gear will automatically unlock to make the whole set legitimate, and Guardians will be able to creep out their foes with some chilling, herky-jerky movements.

Was this brief guide to getting the Desolate set and its Shiver emote helpful? Have you already gotten the Taken-skinned armor? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


[Source:- Gamerant]