Destiny Players Discover Secret Room in King’s Fall Raid

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When Destiny first released back in September of 2014, the experience was fairly cut and dry. There were some who assumed developer Bungie hid some secrets within the game, like a sixth chest in the Vault of Glass raid, but by and large what players saw was what they got. Still, that didn’t stop the conspiracy theories from popping up.

For Destiny: The Taken King, however, Bungie is leaning into those conspiracies, and peppering their Year 2 content with a wealth of secrets. Thus far, we’ve seen hidden items in story missions and completely new sections in levels, all of which can only be accessed by fulfilling certain requirements. But the biggest secret thus far was the discovery of a special area in the Lost to Light daily story mission that unlocks the exotic sniper rifle Black Spindle. Well, it was the biggest secret.

Late last night, while scouring the depths of the King’s Fall raid in Destiny: The Taken King, specifically the jumping puzzle with the pistons, some streamers discovered a secret mechanism of glowing spikes. At first it was unclear what the spikes did, but the players found that they did react. And eventually, one fireteam discovered (see their perspective below) that if they lit the spikes in a certain order – either 165243 or 416523 – a piston would activate.

From there, the team used the piston to launch across the chasm of the jumping puzzle and into a heretofore-unknown room. Then, things got weird.


Upon entering the room, the fireteam, and the dozen or so other teams that followed, discovered what appears to be a puzzle room consisting of a relic, six air lift pads, and a statue set against the far wall. Outside of that, no one has any clue how the puzzle works, whether it’s actually a puzzle, or even if players should be in the room at this point. We know that dunking the relic charges up a set of six runes on the upper left and upper right side of the room, and once all the runes are charged the entire team gets an ‘Overcharge’ buff. However, what happens next is unclear, and trust us when we say the fireteams have tried nearly everything.

It seems the Overcharge buff has some significance, but no one can figure out what that could be. Dunking from the lift pads in a certain order also doesn’t seem to change anything, although that seems the most likely solution. Some reported that the lift pads turned off at certain points, but no one knows why. You can even take the relic out of the puzzle room and another one will spawn, but that seems to be a glitch and not an intended solution.

Rest assured, though, the Destiny population will keep at it until either they find a solution or Bungie comes out to acknowledge the room is not a puzzle. Could be that the room is part of the Hard Mode version ofDestiny’s third raid, or it could be an unfinished room that some players just happened to find accidentally. It wouldn’t be the first time players have uncovered secret environments, but in most cases those areas eventually served a purpose.



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