Phil Spencer: Xbox Live Outages Hurt Player Trust

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Whether it’s Xbox or PlayStation, network outages happen all of the time as far as consoles are concerned. Last holiday season, both of the aforementioned systems’ online services were targeted in a Christmas DDoS (Direct Denial of Service) attack by hacker groups, and put out of commission before a lot of people could enjoy their new games gifted to them by friends and family. In fact, many people were so upset that they wanted some sort of an apology from Sony and Microsoft for the network failure.

A few days ago, Xbox Live went down for Xbox One users as they encountered service interruptions. Thankfully, after some troubleshooting, support teams were eventually able to get the gaming service up and running again for Microsoft fans. Addressing the situation, Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently apologized for the problems on Xbox Live, citing concerns of users losing confidence for the brand and system.

After the outage on Thursday, Spencer took to his official Twitter account and wrote, “We have to earn the trust, each day, and I know service disruptions hurts that trust.” The Verge reporter Tom Warren then tweeted at the Xbox executive, saying that Microsoft needed to “minimize” the dependencies between different functions that are featured on Xbox Live’s service, using the inability to access Netfilx as a specific example.



Gamers put a lot of trust in Xbox Live – particularly Gold members who pay for the service – and in order to use all that the utility has to offer, they have to share a lot of data with Microsoft (namely passwords, email addresses, and credit card information). So, in return, it’s fair for people to expect a network that runs smoothly.

In the past, Spencer made comments regarding last year’s DDoS attack across the Nintendo Network, PSN, and Xbox Live, saying that the company’s heads often have conversations amongst themselves on the subject, learning from each other and collaborating with ideas on how to prevent network outages from occurring in the future. Considering last week’s Xbox Live blackout and the fact that PSN went down over the 4th of July weekend earlier this year, it’s obvious that game developers have yet to find a concrete solution to stop the services from suffering breakdowns.

Maintaining a network comprised of literally millions of users on a daily basis is no easy task. Unfortunately, there is often no simple solution to fixing the issues of connectivity errors, service unavailability, and DDoS attacks. When it comes to online platforms like the Nintendo Network, PSN, and Xbox Live being out of commission, nobody wins. Hopefully, tech firms will continue to share concepts with one another on how to construct the most secure online systems possible and eventually resolve the matter once and for all.




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