Destiny: Why Are Some Exotics Still Hidden?

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Since its launch almost a month ago, Destiny: The Taken Kinghas proven to be a successful rejuvenation for many members of the MMO/FPS hybrid’s fan base. Where the sense of fatigue with regards to running strikes, grinding for gear, and even raids was common, now the new content has made everything feel fresh.

More importantly, Bungie has helped spread their content out, keeping players guessing as to when a new secret quest or piece of gear might pop up out of nowhere. For example, no one knew the Black Spindle was going to be such a challenging weapon to obtain, but for a solid 24-hour period it had everyone’s attention.

However, as players seek out new exotic quests – like the Sleeper Simulant – there is still the sense that so much of Destiny’s exotic selection is being kept hidden. And that’s largely because it is.

As of right now, we don’t know how many exotics are being kept secret, but we know many of them are. For example, all three classes have a pair of exotic boots, but no one has acquired them yet. Similarly, there are at least two exotic chest pieces – the Twilight Garrison for Titans and the ATS/8 Tarantella – that have yet to be added into the loot pool. It’s true, some lucky players do have these chest pieces, but Destiny: The Taken King director Luke Smith has already come out to say they are not part of the loot table.

Which begs the question: why aren’t all of these new pieces part of the loot table? Why are there exotic boots for every class, but no way of obtaining them? On a personal level, it would be nice to have the boots to reach max light level, but regardless of that some of the exotic boot choices seem pretty useful. The Titan boots, for example, increase agility across the board, making players slide farther, sprint faster, move quicker while aiming, and make tighter turns.

That being said, the exotic boots are reportedly part of Xur’s inventory, so it’s entirely possible that Bungie is simply waiting for a special “boot day” when they unveil the three options. What seems more likely, though, is that Bungie simply hasn’t added the boots as an option for Nightfall Strikes or exotic chest drops yet, for one reason or another. Or it’s possible that these items are part of a quest that no one has found.

Up until a week ago, though, no one knew how to get the Sleeper Simulant, and now the exotic fusion rifle is running around destroying raid bosses in seconds. So perhaps, some sort of quest or objective unlocks the path to these new exotics, similar to how the class-specific exotic weaponsfrom the Gunsmith work. Maybe Destiny players simply haven’t found out what unlocks the boot quest? Whatever the case may be, the fact that there are exotics out there that the player base wants but can’t find is both exciting and a little bit maddening.

Why do you think Bungie is holding back some of the exotics? Is there an armor piece or weapon you want more than any others?





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