Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass Announced; Includes 4 Expansion Packs

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EA releases information on the special perks and cost of the Star Wars Battlefront’s Season Pass, as well as details on multiple game modes in the base game.

Gamers who want to experience everything Star Wars Battlefront has to offer will be able to do so by purchasing the Season Pass, which includes special perks versus buying each expansion pack separately. The Season Pass will include a special “Shoot First” emote, two weeks of early access for each expansion, and all four upcoming expansion packs to the game.

The Season Pass can be purchased for PS4, Xbox One, or on EA’s own Origin service, though it may also include a case of sticker shock. The Season Pass is priced at $50, bringing the total cost of the base game and its expansions to over a hundred bucks. While the price may come as a surprise, Star Wars Battlefront itself is clearly not lacking in content, as EA also released new information about the Hero Hunt, Cargo, and Droid Run modes.

Hero Hunt mode pits seven players against one, with the single player either playing a major villain or hero, and the opposing team playing a squadron of their enemy, like seven Stormtroopers versusLuke Skywalker. Whenever an opposing player manages to take down the hero/villain, they respawn in their role. Whomever survives the longest as the hunted hero or villain is the winner of the match.

Cargo is Star Wars Battlefront‘s take on capture the flag. Both teams attempt to steal the opposing team’s cargo and bring it back to their own base. Much like Team Fortress 2‘s Capture the Intelligence mode, however, neither team needs to be in possession of their own cargo to capture the other team’s cargo.

Star Wars Battlefront GNK Droid Capture

Finally, Droid Run pits two teams of six players against each other in an effort to locate and capture three GNK droids. The GNK droids move around on their own, which increases the challenge, and all three must be caught by a team. However, simply capturing the droids doesn’t end the round: teams must maintain control of all three droids for the ten minute match in order to win.

$50 for a Season Pass may initially come as a shock, but it’s par for the course in recent times. Expansions, DLC, and microtransactions often cost a great deal in comparison to the price of a base game. Players have balked at the cost of Mother Base coins in Metal Gear Solid V‘s online competitive Forward Operating Base mode, as well both The Sims 4 and Destiny charging $40 for a single expansion. MMOs are no slouch either, with Blizzard and Square Enix both charging $40 for the latest expansions to World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV, respectively.

While Star Wars Battlefront is bringing plenty of content in its base game, the price of the Season Pass may leave some players feeling sour. However, considering that expansion packs often cost up to $40 individually, spending about 13 dollars per expansion with the Season Pass is still somewhat affordable and a much lower price than what many other companies are demanding.





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