Destiny’s November Update Will Let You Buy Weapon Parts

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According to Bungie’s latest weekly press release, Destiny‘s forthcoming November 2.0.2 update will allow players to purchase weapon parts using Glimmer.

There’s good news for would-be Guardians dealing with parts shortages in Destiny after patch 2.0.1 made them less common. Banshee-44 will soon be designated as the game’s Weapons Parts dealer, and he’ll be accepting Glimmer for payment of said pieces. Of course, instead of spending one’s hard-earned Glimmer, fans can always turn to our helpful little guide to farm weapon parts should they wish to save up for other much-needed items.

The announcement for purchasable Weapon Parts in Destiny was made with today’s Bungie Weekly Update. Within the statement, David “Deej” Dague discussed the studio’s decision to alter the action-RPG’s in-game financial system after reading about what fans had to say on the issue. Regarding the resolution, the bulletin reads:

“In all sincerity, as the curators of your living social world, we reserve the right to tinker with the economy. We also reserve the right to change our minds again once we’ve had a chance to read the forum. Thanks for giving enough of a damn to tell us what’s up.”


Prior to the release of The Taken King, a lot of players used the reforge feature and would reroll weapons until they had better, and almost flawless statistics. However, in order to do that, Guardians used up a lot of Motes of Light and Weapon Parts trying to make them perfect, so being able to use Glimmer as tender for Weapon Parts ought to be more beneficial in the long run.

In the meantime, players can still use the Infusion system to increase weapons’ potency, by combining two to make one stronger, but they might want to do so sparingly in order to avoid running out of Weapon Parts too quickly. After all, Bungie has yet to declare exactly when the November update will go live, as the studio says changes along with the ability to purchase Weapon Parts with Glimmer are “coming soon”.

Now that the currency is going to become even more valuable in relation to Weapon Parts this time around, some Guardians might need assistance in obtaining as much of it as possible. In that case, these tips will help fans farm glimmer fast.

What do you think about the upcoming ability to purchase weapon parts with Glimmer in Destiny? Is this a good thing? Or do you believe it’s possible that gamers could find a new way to exploit the system?








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