Blizzard’s Overwatch is Coming to Consoles, According to Gamestop Leak

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Although Blizzard has not announced anything official, a posting on Gamestop’s website suggests new FPS Overwatch will be making its way to PS4 and Xbox One.

With games such as Team Fortress 2 and Counter Strikejockeying for PC gamers’ precious time, it can often seem downright impossible to break into the lucrative PC FPS market. But if there’s one company that knows how to assert its dominance over a genre, it’s Blizzard. With World of Warcraft continuing to reign supreme in the world of MMOs, the popular developer has set its sights on FPSes with the highly anticipatedOverwatch. But a recent Gamestop leak might suggest Blizzard may be branching the title out of its PC roots and bringing it to consoles.

With a roster that includes robo-monks, gun slinging cowboys, and hyper intelligent gorillas,Overwatch is certainly one of the most unique titles on the FPS scene. Realizing that console gamers would likely also be interested in madcap shooter action, Blizzard could be gearing up to bring the game to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, at least according to a posting on game retailer GameStop’s website.

The posting, which appeared this morning, advertised that the game sales giant was now accepting pre-orders for a console version of the shooter. The game is listed at $60, and despite the spread of this posting, Gamestop has not yet pulled the listing. Game sites Kotaku and IGN both followed up with local GameStop stores, where employees confirmed that the retailer was accepting pre-orders for the title. One of these stores revealed that the game was listed internally as “Overwatch Origin Edition,” but this title has not been confirmed by Blizzard.

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The price point for the pre-order has lead to many questioning what the console version of the game will ultimately entail, as industry experts suspected that Blizzard would release Overwatch as a free-to-play title with micro-transactions. Whether Blizzard will charge for Overwatch on both console and PC, or if this retail version is simply Overwatch with additional content, such as the retail release of Heroes of the Storm.

This posting comes the day before Blizzard is set to kick off its annual BlizzCon convention, where the developer is now expected to make a formal announcement regarding the console version of the shooter.

Overwatch has received rave reviews during the recent closed beta, and has left fans waiting anxiously for the official release of the game. While many gamers may have flashbacks to the dreadful Starcraft 64 when the term “Blizzard console release” is thrown around, the console versions of Diablo III has proven that the developer knows how to release a console game, which could bode well for console FPS fans looking to get their hands on Overwatch.







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