Disney Infinity 3.0 introduces Marvel Battlegrounds

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Early next year, Disney Infinity 3.0 will introduce a new brawler-style game mode called Marvel Battlegrounds, with new characters and an original storyline.

Disney Infinity 3.0 is set to receive a new Play Set early next year for a new four-player arcade-style brawler game mode called Marvel Battlegrounds. The new mode will feature an original Marvel storyline along with a new Captain America figure sporting a new pose and costume.

Disney Infinity 3.0’s Marvel Battlegrounds will release just prior to the release of Captain America: Civil War, which hits theaters in May 2016.

The below trailer gives gamers a taste of the action, destruction, and storyline in Marvel Battlegrounds. Needless to say, it looks intense and incredibly fun.

Speaking about Marvel Battlegrounds, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Disney Infinity, John Blackburn, shared his vision of the next era of the franchise. According to Blackburn:

“With Disney Infinity 3.0, we’ve aimed to provide a wider variety of gameplay than ever before, and the Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set represents our commitment to developing something entirely new for our players. The four-player arena style combat gameplay is a perfect way for friends and families to come together and play in head-to-head battles with some of their favorite Marvel characters.”

Introducing the new Marvel Battlegrounds game mode isn’t surprising considering the success of Super Smash Bros. games in the past, as well as the upcomingCaptain America: Civil War. In the Civil War comics – and expected in the movies – popular Marvelcharacters face off against each other in an effort to protect the world from new threats.

Naturally, Disney Infinity fans will be excited for the opportunity to jump into the action themselves in Marvel Battlegrounds. And they’ll be able to do so with all the Disney Infinity 2.0 figures, as well asHulkbuster and Ultron. Concerning the game mode’s original story, Marvel Games Vice President Jay Ong described the developer’s intentions for the game:

“[We have] created an authentic Marvel story that will give players the freedom to choose any Marvel figure in Disney Infinity and have them face off against each other in an arena style combat.”





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