Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition Console Release Date and Pre-Order Details

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When Divinity: Original Sin was released on PC back in June 2014, it had already developed a cult status among itsKickstarter backers. The fact that its audience has quickly grown upon full launch, ambitiously declaring it to be one of the (if not the) best RPGs of the year, surprised quite a few. Yet developer Larian Studios was always confident, and had already moved onto the next step – bringing Divinity: Original Sin to consoles. Its hard work has paid off, as the upgraded Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting October 27.

The Enhanced Edition of Divinity: Original Sin has a focus on preparing the RPG for consoles, including adding controller support for the PC version, but Larian has more than that in store. Expect additional content including quests, locations, combat-styles and a revamped crafting system. That’s not to mention an expanded story that’s certain to have even dedicated fans of the original release tearing through quest after quest in search of new details. Console players will discover a UI just for them and their controllers, including split-screen support. It’s the kind of polish likely to persuade players to check out Divinity: Original Sin 2‘s ongoing development.

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition's Pre-Order Details

Accompanying the Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition release date information was the reveal of Larian’s planned pre-order bonuses. PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One players will each get two pieces of DLC for pre-ordering. The first, the Last Trick Bag, is provided to both platforms, while the Secret Trick Bag and the Forgotten Trick Bag will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, respectively.

Here’s what will be included in the Last Trick Bag for both platforms:

  • Grumio’s Backpack
  • Pamphlet of recipes
  • 3 x Grumio’s Cotton Candy Dye
  • 2 x Grenades ingredients
  • 1 x Inert Wand
  • With these ingredients, you can create:
    • Scales of Steel grenade
    • White Dragon wand (with an Ice Wall skill)

The Secret Trick Back and the Forgotten Trick Bag include almost exactly the same components, but different crafting recipes and dyes. PlayStation 4 players will get Grumio’s Favorite Triad Dye and the ability to craft an Eye of the Patriarch grenade or a Blue Dragon Wand (with Invisibility). Xbox One players will get Grumio’s Petrol Brand Dye and the ability craft a Breaching Fire grenade or a Silver Dragon Wand (with Teleportation).

So, in short, Larian Studios is making its game even better and releasing it to a broader audience. The pre-order bonuses are rather uninteresting, but these days it’s more important to have a pre-order bonus. It’s a bit of a shame that the console versions of Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition will retail for $60 when the PC version is currently running for around $40. It should also be noted that the PC version gets the Enhanced Edition patch for free. Considering the wasteland that is the RPG genre on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, perhaps Divinity: Original Sindeserves a free pass.






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