Latest New Xbox One Experience Patch Notes Released

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Microsoft reveals the latest New Xbox One Experience patch notes, confirming a fix of issues on playback of Hulu and Netflix apps, as well as the Edge browser.

The New Xbox One Experience is Microsoft’s attempt to bring the Xbox One to an as-of-yet unprecedented level of multimedia functionality, together with Windows 10. The plan is currently in its preview stage, and the tech giant has now released a somewhat extensive list of fixes that will come with the latest patch for the project.

As it stands, the most recent patch covers an awful lot of ground. In particular, Microsoft has been working on the console’s newfound media playback functionality. The patch has apparently fixed some issues with apps such as Hulu and Netflix, where video stuttering was known to be an issue, whilst there should now be much more by way of live TV support for the likes of cable and satellite set top boxes.

The Xbox One was launched as the console to go to for a broad scope of media availability. However, when the device initially arrived, gamers were a little disappointed in the number of media tools on show. Since the console’s release, however, Microsoft has been steadily trying to improve upon the level of service that the Xbox One provides.

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Microsoft has introduced such important upgrades as media player availability, whilst the console has also been given additional functionality through an over-the-air tuner, with the promise of free TV DVR in 2016. The New Xbox One Experience is Microsoft’s latest attempt to improve the user experience in this way. With external devices such as the Hololens coming soon, Microsoft is determined to keep pushing the scope of the console.

Although some of the fixes in place are promising, particularly regarding improved use of the likes of media apps and browsers, those involved in the preview process may be surprised to see a number of other issues on the patch notes. Some video streaming apps other than Netflix and Hulu are still experiencing problems, as well as games such as Titanfall and The Crew. It’s still early days, but improvements are certainly needed.

As well as its multimedia role, the Xbox One is also gaining more by way of gaming scope. During E3 2015, Microsoft confirmed that the console would be home to backwards compatibility, with such fan favorites as Mass Effect available for play. Hopefully, with improvements to the Xbox One Experience in general, the console will continue to grow in terms of support and quality across the board.





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