The Division Guide: How to Unlock Weapon Skins

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Looking for ways to acquire weapon skins and patterns for your guns? Follow this helpful guide for Tom Clancy’s The Division on ways to easily unlock and purchase new skins.

For most role-playing games, customization plays a major role in letting the player create a character that is unique to them. Tom Clancy’s The Division is no different in this regard as players are able to modify almost everything about their character from the gear and weapons that they use, to more subtle cosmetic items which only affect character appearance. Weapon skins however are one type of customization item that have proven to be quite illusive to many players since the game launched.

While these items seemed to drop at a higher rate during the successful betas that the game ran back in February, these skins have proven to be a much rarer commodity in the full retail version of the game. Weapon skins can be included as a potential loot drop after taking down an enemy, helping civilians, or randomly opening a chest, but so far the odds for this to happen have been fairly low. Thankfully, players can get easy access to them simply by unlocking the Supply Line perk upgrade from the Security Wing of the Base of Operations. Doing so will unlock an appearance vendor towards the back of the room who sells clothing and always at least one weapon skin.


It’s worth noting that this vendor, like the others scattered around the game, refreshes their inventory on a 24 hour basis, so if the player doesn’t see anything particularly interesting, they’ll want to make sure to check back the following day for new options. The unfortunate thing is that there is no way to preview the skin or other cosmetics before you purchase, so buyer beware. Hopefully this is something the developer can add into the game, perhaps as early as next week with their recently announced first update.

For fans who are part of Ubisoft’s free rewards service, Ubisoft Club, there’s a free Urban Snow weapon skin design that can be redeemed for 20 units. At that point, players should head to the Rewards Claim Vendor on the first floor towards the back of the Base of Operations where they can then add the item to their characters inventory.

Have you found any weapon skins out in the wild? Let us know where you managed to snag one and what kind of color pattern you found in the comments below.

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