This drone will take your selfies for you

This drone will take your selfies for you

Selfie sticks – apart from being irritating and something that should be destroyed – are already getting too long to be practical.

So (sadly) companies are looking on ways to extend your reach and allow you to fit more people into your shot, leading Australian tech company IoT Group to create a hovering selfie machine.

The ROAM-e blurs the line between drone and selfie stick by allowing your photo taking reach to fly out in front of you.

ROAM-e, meet Michelle

The stick is tethered to your smartphone to take the photos, but it also comes with two rotor blades that allow it to fly away from you and get a wider shot.


It features facial recognition technology for people up to 25 meters as well as the ability to stream live video for 20 minutes or get 360-degree panoramas.

There’s a 5MP camera as well as a quad-core ARM Cortex A7 processor but unfortunately battery life isn’t currently clear – so for all we know, this could only be enough to take a single selfie.

Pre-orders begin today but it won’t begin shipping until June this year. Availability isn’t clear yet outside of Australia where it costs AU$349 (about £186, US$267).


[Source:- Techrader]