Dying Light Updates ‘Be the Zombie’ Mode for New DLC

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The upcoming release of Dying Light’s The Following DLC not only brings new story content, but it will also revamp the game’s “Be the Zombie” multiplayer mode.

Dying Light‘s critical and commercial success since its release in January 2015 has prompted Techland to focus more of its attention on the post-release development of the game. With the imminent release of the game’s big standalone DLC, called The Following, more details have emerged on what improvements and new features will be added to the game. One big feature that is set for a major revamp is Dying Light‘s “Be the Zombie” multiplayer mode.

The game’s 4 vs 1 “Be the Zombie” PvP multiplayer mode will feature the addition of weaponized buggies, a completely new map, and a series of balance tweaks for the Night Hunter character. All of these revisions will hopefully result in a completely new experience where new and veteran players will have to come up with fresh tactics. With Dying Light now over a year old, Techland’s idea of revamping the popular “Be the Zombie” mode is a good way at ensuring the game remains fresh for old gamers whilst hooking in new players.


The “Be the Zombie” revamp is just one of the many improvements and features in the upcoming The Following expansion for Dying Light. The DLC will take place in a new area that’s reportedly larger than the base game’s map called Countryside, and will include a new story campaign revolving around a Sun God-worshiping cult that has risen to power in the zombie apocalypse. In addition to the promise of a new area and story campaign, the DLC will also feature anew three-tiered bounty system and the inclusion of a new Nightmare difficulty mode.

Techland’s ongoing support for the game nearly a year after its release is noteworthy and a testament of the studio’s devotion to its fans. With the game already being Techland’s best-selling product, the release of The Following is undoubtedly going to help push those sales numbers even higher and draw in new fans to the franchise.

For those interested in playing, The Following comes as part of Dying Light‘s season pass, or can be purchased separately. Newcomers to the franchise will have the option of buying the upcoming enhanced edition of the game entitled Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition.


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