Halo 5 Update Removes This Playlist From Team Arena

A new update for Halo 5: Guardians has removed Arena Breakout gametype from the Team Arena playlist. Developer 343 Industries said this decision was made in part because of feedback from the community.

The Team Arena playlist now includes only Slayer, CTF, and Strongholds. Lead multiplayer designer Quinn DelHoyo saidArena Breakout may be revived as a weekend playlist in the future, though that’s not confirmed.

The removal of Arena Breakout does not affect Halo 5’s Breakout-specific playlist, however. In fact, that playlist expanded this week with the addition of nine more community-voted maps, bringing the total to 14.

Arena Breakout, a spin on the regular Breakout mode, was introduced to Halo 5 in December 2015. Unlike regular Breakout, Arena Breakout games play out on Arena maps featuring custom weapon placement. You have only one life per round as your team attempts to secure a flag.

343 did not expand on what feedback it received from fans about Arena Breakout. When it announced the mode in December, 343 suggested the mode was very experimental and was hoping to gather feedback from fans. The people have now spoken.

Halo 5’s latest update was Infinity’s Armory, which launched in January, adding more maps and Reqs to the game. In other Halo 5 news, a new $25 microtransaction will be released later this month, while even more myths from the game have been put to the test.