‘Fallout 4’ Easter Eggs: 10 Best-Kept Secrets Of The Wasteland You Need To Find

Fallout 4 Pipboy

Fallout 4 is finally here, and the post-apocalyptic title is chockfull of Easter eggs, including a ton of mini games, secrets and pop-culture references. It seems that Bethesda Game Studios really knows how to deliver what gamers want.

First up, remember that creepy toy monkey in “Toy Story 3?” Well, it makes an appearance in the game. If it gave you nightmares before, you can now face your demons and shoot the monkey right in the face.


Moving on, it seems that Quint really needed a bigger boat, as a mutated dolphin has apparently made a snack out of him. (Disclaimer: the corpse might not exactly be his.) The “Jaws” visual reference can be found northwest of Diamond City.

Next up, the question about whether or not there are aliens in Fallout 4 has been answered, and they’ll give you the Alien Blaster as a reward for finding them and . . . well, blasting them. The crash site appears randomly, according to GameRevolution, so it might be a bit tricky to find them. It’s one of the most powerful weapons in the game, though, so it’s worth a shot to look for the aliens.

Now, let’s get going to the classic minigames. There are plenty of game-cartridge Holotapes that are scattered around the game, which can be played on Terminals that accept them and on the Pip Boy. Retitled to fit in the game’s setting, Donkey Kong is Red Menace, Missile Command is Atomic Command, Pitfall is Pipfall, Bard’s Tale/Ultima is Grognak & The Ruby Ruins, and Space Invaders is Zeta Invaders.

Bethesda also lets you experience how it feels like to be a developer, kind of. On the PC, you can hit up the console button to access the command screen. There, just type in “coc qasmoke.” The game will reboot and enter the developer testing area, where you’ll have everything to tinker with, including all the Holotapes, perks and many more.

Hellboy is pretty awesome, and the actor who played him is even more awesome, as Ron Perlman lends his pipes to the game, featuring his iconic war-never-changes intro.

If you played Fallout Shelter, then you know all about the lunchboxes. You’ll also get to see them in Fallout 4 as collectibles.


What’s amazing about the game is how Codsworth can say your name aloud. Ever wanted to be called Superman? Well, the robo butler can call you Kal El, which is the next best thing because it’s Superman’s birth name. It can also address you “maturely” by calling you A**face, which is probably in reference to Arseface of “Preacher.” The full list has been uploaded online, and it includes Neo and Morpheus from “The Matrix” too.

Bethesda also gets in on the holiday spirit, decorating Fenway Park with the whole Christmas package. To do this, just wait for the in-game calendar to hit Dec. 25 and head to Diamond City.

Last up, somewhere in Boston wastes, there’s a place where everybody knows your name and will be glad that you came: Prost Bar. Inside, you’ll find what seem to be Sam, Norm and Cliff, although they’re not as healthy as they used to. Interestingly, “prost” is German for “cheers.

There you have it, 10 Easter eggs in the wastelands. It looks like Fallout 4 has just about everything, from terrifying toys to recognizable corpses.