‘StarCraft II: Legacy Of The Void’ First Mission Pack Nova Covert Ops Details Revealed


Despite its multiplayer fame and still-growing eSports legend,StarCraft II’s campaigns still attract a lot of the community’s players. This one, the Nova Covert Ops mission pack, is for them, according to developer and publisher Blizzard.

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void is a standalone expansion for real-time strategy game StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. It’s an expansion for that particular game because it continues telling the tale of the ancient Protoss through its campaign, picking up where Wings of Liberty left off.

Legacy of the Void is meant to be the swan song for StarCraft IIand it just might be the ending for the franchise itself, which began with the first StarCraft game back in 1998. However, Blizzard has indicated that it isn’t quite done with StarCraft just yet and, at BlizzCon, the company announced mission packs to keep the story alive a bit longer.

Nova Covert Ops will be the first mission pack for Legacy of the Void and it’ll include three mini-campaign with three levels each. The first of the micro-expansions is set to arrive in March of 2016, with the two others to follow later. That’s a change of pace for a StarCraft game, according to Blizzard’s Tim Morten, lead producer.

“It’s sort of changing the way we approach releasing content,” Morten said of Nova Covert Ops. “The work that we’re doing is commensurate to what we would do when we make a full [expansion like Legacy of the Void]. But instead of waiting two years, we’re delivering work as we complete it.”

Nova Covert Ops is inline, picking up a few years after where the Legacy of the Void left off. There appears to be a coup of some form in the works, critics of Terran Dominion Emperor Valerian Mengsk piece together an alliance known as Defenders of Man.

 In the trailer for the upcoming expansion, elite Sniper ‘Nova,’ head of a covert ops squad, is being held by the Defenders of man. As to what the group is up to, fans will probably have to wait until March.