‘Fallout 4’ Flaming Sword Is Real: Shishkebab Gets Working Model IRL

Fallout 4 Flaming Sword Real-Life Model

That cool flaming sword from Fallout 4 is now a real-life, working gadget, as someone just turned the Shishkebab into reality.

Games always boast some awesome gear, envisioned to empower players and give the characters some extra kick, spicing up the gameplay. While some people look at game props and dream of how great it would be to have them in real life, others take action and make them real.

We’ve seen game-inspired gear turn into real-life objects before, and we see it again now. This is the case of the roaring, flame-engulfed sword from popular game Fallout 4, as Caleb Kraft from Make just made his own Shishkebab.

Kraft created this masterpiece in collaboration with artist Platinumfungi, and the real-life flaming sword is quite impressive.

“I wanted to be as true to the concept art as possible, and of course, it had to actually work! Ryan, or Platinumfungi does incredible work on custom props and Nintendos and I knew he could help me get the details right while I obsessed over flames,” Kraft explains.

The two crafted the sword using a katana, a motorcycle brake handle, a propane barbecue grill and a can of butane. The design is not identical to that of the Fallout 4 Shishkebab, but it comes pretty close. Kraft reckons that they didn’t reproduce the fuel canister in the game design, and they wanted to come up with another ignition system as well. At the same time, Kraft also notes that the piping in the Fallout 4 design “didn’t make any sense,” so they improvised their own system.

The video below shows off the final product, but Kraft also wanted to document the progress and all stages of creation. Kraft uploaded several videos on the official website of Make Magazine, sharing the phases of the process from Day 1 to Day 5.