Nvidia Shield TV Console Adds Social Gaming Treats With Twitch


Nvidia is offering SHIELD Android TV owners access to Twitch gaming streaming platform.

Video game streaming is a staple of contemporary gaming for a couple of years now, and Twitch is the most notorious media where gamers can watch or broadcast their games, regardless of platform.

One feature that made the gaming streaming platform stand out was the possibility for social interaction between players and audience. Google wasted little time, and earlier this year it implemented a similar feature in its YouTube Gaming.

Nvidia understands that a growing number of people want to showcase their games or watch others perform in competitive matches, so it brought Twitch compatibility to the SHIELD Android TV.

Nvidia SHIELD Android TV offers the complete Twitch experience. This means owners of the device can watch livestreams of their favorite games, while also being able to stream their own matches. By making sure that SHIELD Android TV owners can broadcast their achievements live, Nvidia taps into the social media gaming atmosphere that is commonplace today. One neat feature is the ability to stream games from your desktop or notebook directly to the Android TV.

One great advantage of Nvidia SHIELD is it has access to quite a few premium game titles which are SHIELD Android TV exclusive. Getting into the Play Store can help users find a myriad of Android games, alongside different media such as movies and music. The platform alsofeatures a number of apps that fit everyone’s taste, such as HBO Now, Kodi, UFC, Showtime and more.

The current price of $199 for the Nvidia SHIELD is hard to say no to, when you consider the powerful hardware that you get for the money. First, there is the Nvidia SHIELD console, working on an Nvidia Tegra X1 processor, backed by a 256-core Maxwell GPU and 3 GB RAM. The console has the capacity to natively support 4K UltraHD, while offering either 5.1 or 7.1 surround high-resolution sound. Did we mention it runs on Android TV? Adding additional value to the package, you get one gaming controller, and a TV remote, free of charge.