‘Fallout 4’ Glitch Gets You Unlimited Bottle Caps – Sort Of: Hurry Before Bethesda Patches It Up

Bottle Cap

In a radioactive wasteland, the fastest, strongest and smartest wins. While a glitch that lets players manipulate the Fallout 4 economy may be cheating to some, all’s fair in love and post-apocalyptic survival.

Just days after Fallout 4’s humongous launch for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, gamers have discovered a new kind of exploit that gives them unlimited bottle caps — sort of. Demo videos on YouTube have been calling it a glitch that gets you an infinite number of bottle caps, the game’s in-game currency that lets you buy the stuff you need to last in the wasteland.

However, as GameZone points out, the glitch will not actually get you unlimited currency. What it does is it lets you trade with vendors and have them owe you so many bottle caps that you can buy out their entire inventory of supplies. In other words, you can go in for a barter with a certain number of bottle caps and get out of it with a whole lot more items and even more bottle caps, without you spending any of your caps in the process.

The method starts with choosing a vendor to use the glitch with. Go to the vendor’s inventory and choose an ammo to buy, for instance, .308 Round. Buy all of the ammo but do not finalize the transaction. Instead, go to your own inventory, return one ammo and accept but do not finalize. Go back to your inventory again and sell back all of that ammo. This should leave you with one .308 Round, which means, the glitch is ready for the exploiting.

Press the Sell button continuously. You will see your number of bottle caps increase, while the vendor’s — the poor soul! — will dive into negative. Go to the vendor’s inventory and press the Buy button repeatedly. This will get you all of the vendor’s ammo plus the vendor’s bottle caps, which can often get you enough to let you buy the rest of the items in the vendor’s inventory. Just make sure you have the right amount of bottle caps available had this been a “legit” transaction.

When you’ve cleaned out all the items, finalize the transaction and hit Accept. The game will warn you that the vendor does not have enough bottle caps, but finalize anyway.

As some players point out, the glitch will not work with every vendor you try it with. Also, the gods of the wasteland may not be pleased to see players trying to game the system they put in place, so expect a patch from Bethesda soon. If you’re still interested, however, here’s a video that demonstrates the glitch for you.