Oculus Arcade Lets You Play ‘Pac-Man’ And Other Classic Arcade Games In Virtual Reality

Play Pacman on an arcade using with the Oculus Arcade app and any Gear VR headset.

Virtual reality is going old-school with the release of the Oculus Arcade app.

Porting throwbacks of mega popular games onto the newest platforms is common practice in the industry, but virtual reality gaming takes yesteryear’s classics to a different level.

The app is available for use on all existing Gear VR phones and headsets from the Galaxy Note 4 up to the Galaxy S6. It will provide an even more immersive experience when Oculus’ own headset is finally released alongside Samsung’s consumer-level Gear VR that’s compatible with the Galaxy S6 and the Note 5.

The Oculus Arcade app successfully recreates the overall feel of old-school gaming halls, complete with astro-carpet and neon lights. The arcade cabinets are generically the same shape, but each does retain its own unique cabinet art. Also, the nobs and buttons on each arcade are designed to match the pull, push, and press input from player’s controllers. Besides the lack of background music filling the air with dings and bells, it’s seemingly and frighteningly the real deal.

Upon entering the Arcade lobby, players are left to choose between three publishers: Bandai Namco, Midway, and Sega. Clicking on any one of the three leads the player to a room where they can then choose select titles from each publisher.

Bandai’s room only includes two games, but they may just be the ones to be bring back the fondest of memories of old-school arcade play: Pac-Man and Galaga. Midway’s room includes eight titles: APB, Defender, Joust, Gauntlet, Gauntlet II, Rampage, Root Beer Tapper, and Spy Hunter.

Sega’s room is the most expansive with 11 total tiles: Altered Beast, Golden Axe, Phantasy Star II, Shinobi III, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic Spinball, Streets of Rage, Streets of Rage 2, Virtua Fighter 2, and of course, Ecco the Dolphin.

Playing all the arcade games included in the Oculus Arcade app will cost nostalgia-seeking gamers more than a quarter. After 20 minutes of playing time for each arcade title in the app, players will be asked to fork over at least $0.99 and as much as $2.99 to unlock a game for good.