‘Fallout 4’ Player Accidentally Discovers Mysterious Bronze Structure Under The Sea

Fallout 4

There’s more evidence for a long-lost society anchored deep beneath the sea which one Bethesda Softworks may not want normal people to know about. After exploring the deep sea inFallout 4, a player has stumbled upon findings that could rewrite the history books on Fallout lore.

The player was clearing a raider camp when he or she accidentally fell into the sea. Protected with a power suit and stocked with rations for some underwater archaeology, the player went on a deep sea expedition. The player said that when he or she pointed the camera downwards for a long time the water went away.

“It opened up to some beautiful, never-before-seen landscapes,” the player says. “Walking is very…very slow.”

The player encountered various types of flora on the seafloor and documented the expedition with high-resolution images archived on Imgur.

“The vibrance would change drastically,” the player says.

After trudging through hues of blues and reds, the player notices a light off in the distance and tracks towards it. That leads to the player to a bronze room, which doesn’t have a way in.

The journey then follows a massive underwater conduit before the player decides to return to shore and reports the forgotten world done there.

“I just thought this should be documented as there is a great amount of detail,” says the player. “I did find one lootable item. It was a pot. Way way down deep in a rusty car. I kept it.”

Though the player eventually ran into an invisible wall, he or she indicated that they’re much more to explorer down there.

“Hopefully someone else will pick up where I left off and help document and/or discover whatever Bethesda is trying to hide from us down there,” says the player.

There is in fact something going on down there. And Bethesda hasn’t been forthright with details regarding these landmark findings.

About a week before deep-sea findings, another player who had been deciphering some Fallout 4 code discovered a harpoon gun in the game files.

The harpoon gun appeared to be a prototype, suggesting that there might have been, or still are, plans for some underwater levels.