Fallout 4 To Have Unique PlayStation Vita Remote Play Controls

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While Bethesda will not be releasing Fallout 4 for the PlayStation Vita, it seems that fans of the handheld console will not be forgotten. Fallout fans who own both a PlayStation 4 and PS Vita will be able to use the Remote Playfeature to experience the vast wasteland that is post-apocalyptic Boston on their portable device – with a tweaked control scheme to boot.

Recently on Twitter, Bethesda Studios promoted usage of the Remote Play feature by displaying an image of the eagerly awaited Fallout 4 being streamed to a PS Vita. The company praises the game’s controls, which they claim are the work of Josh Hamrick, who also did work on the control scheme for Destiny‘s Remote Play feature.

Previously, Bungie developed a control system for their first-person shooter Destiny that let the game operate surprisingly well on the PS Vita, despite the device having fewer buttons than a DualShock 4 controller. With the Vita, players can use the system’s touchscreen to melee attack, throw a grenade, or summon your Ghost.

Bethesda have not yet revealed how the PS Vita will deal with Fallout 4‘s control scheme but it’s likely that Hamrick will have utilized a similar method to Destiny‘s. The Vita also has a rear touchpad that can be divided up and used in place of additional buttons.While some may laugh at the idea of playing from the PS Vita’s smaller screen, the ability to play the game from bed is undoubtedly a decent selling point for the recently-branded ‘legacy’ platform. The Vita was originally launched to be a way of taking AAA titles on the go but now has taken a rather different turn, becoming a console primarily for third-party games and indie titles. The handheld has always struggled with sales, especially in the Western markets, and has received little support from Sony, which might explain why rumors suggest that the console will be getting a price cut some time in the near future.

The already critically acclaimed Fallout 4 is stirring up a lot of excitement as we come into the final month before the game’s launch. Today, developer Bethesda teased fans by releasing the latest in its seven part series, detailing the S.P.E.C.I.A.L stat system.






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