Battlefield Hardline is Free for EA Access Subscribers

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Electronic Arts announces that the next game to be added to the EA Access Vault on Xbox One is Battlefield Hardline, which subscribers can download now.

EA Access is now an even more valuable prospect for Xbox One owners, as Battlefield Hardline has joined the multitude of other games available for free download in the Vault.

Battlefield Hardline released earlier this year to mixed reviews, but its addition to the EA Access Vault still adds undeniable value to EA’s Xbox One-exclusive subscription service. For the uninitiated, this means that anyone with an EA Access subscription (which costs $4.99 per month or $29.99 per year) can now download Battlefield Hardline for no additional charges, along with other big name titles such as Dragon Age: Inquisition and Titanfall.

Besides free games, EA Access subscribers can also look forward to getting their hands on upcoming EA titles early. This also applies to one of 2015’s most anticipated titles of the year, Star Wars Battlefront, which will be available to play first on Xbox One through EA Access, beginning on November 12th.

With the addition of Battlefield Hardline to the EA Access Vault along with the free, early access trials to all of their biggest games, EA Access continues to make an argument for its value. All games on the service will be permanently available to subscribers, so its value only increases with each new game that is added to the Vault.

It’s getting to the point where EA Access almost seems like a no-brainer for Xbox One owners, as it has most of EA’s current-gen sports titles, smaller games like Peggle 2, and of course, blockbusters like Battlefield Hardline, all available at a relatively low subscription price. Considering this, fans of EA’s products on other systems, such as PC and PlayStation 4 gamers, would probably like a chance to test out the service for themselves, but that seems unlikely to happen, especially so on PS4.

Sony has said in the past that EA Access isn’t a good value, and they were actually approached with the service before it landed on Xbox, but ultimately passed on the opportunity. However, with the value of EA Access now proven and continuing to grow, perhaps we will see it expand to other gaming platforms in the future.

Are you subscribed to EA Access on Xbox One? Would you like to see the service make its way to other platforms? What would it take to convince you to subscribe? Let us know your thoughts on EA’s game subscription service in the comments below.





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