Fallout 4’s Far Harbor DLC is Larger Than Oblivion’s Biggest DLC

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Publisher Bethesda reveals that Fallout 4‘s forthcoming expansion pack known as Far Harbor is larger than the biggest DLC for The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion.

With Fallout 4‘s Automatron DLC having been recently released, fans of Bethesda’s popular post-apocalyptic RPG have now turned their attention to the title’s forthcoming add-ons. As it happens, one gamer took to Twitter to ask the studio’s Vice President of PR and Marketing, Pete Hines, about the magnitude of Fallout 4‘s Far Harbor content, which resulted in the executive saying “it’s bigger in size than Shivering Isles,” which was The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion‘s biggest DLC package.

For those unaware, Shivering Isles was the first expansion pack for Oblivion, and it brought loads of fresh materials, including a map about a quarter of the area of Cyrodiil, which is Elder Scrolls 4 main setting. Bearing that in mind, it makes sense as to why Bethesda’s intent to charge $25 for Fallout 4‘s Far Harbor as a standalone download.

Prior to Hines’ confirmation of Fallout 4‘s forthcoming expansion pack being bigger than Oblivion‘s most massive add-on, the post-apocalyptic RPG’s director, Todd Howard, had confirmed the Far Harbor DLC contains the largest landmass created by Bethesda yet, but revealed it actually has a little less playable content than Shivering Isles. Of course, even though Fallout 4‘s upcoming island adventure doesn’t include as much as Oblivion‘s giant expansion, it doesn’t mean that the quality is going to be poor. If anything, fans should expect a rollicking good time with the studio slightly paring down the content to include better faction quests, settlements, creatures, dungeons, as well as higher-level armor and weapons.

Before Fallout 4‘s Far Harbor expansion launches in May, however, fans of the game may be more excited to receive the title’s Survival Mode, which is receiving a PC beta build this week. While the add-on will surely provide plenty of new content, some Wastelanders may have a heavier hankering to ratchet up Fallout 4‘s difficulty.


While all of Fallout 4‘s DLC offerings for story and typical gameplay elements are certainly appealing, the April release date of Wasteland Workshop — that is, Bethesda’s extensive enlargement of the action-RPG’s crafting options — is arguably the most anticipated add-on yet. After all, giving fans a larger swathe of design options for settlements to create a more livable home and customize the title’s assets even more has sort of become an extremely time-consuming game in and of itself.

At any rate, all of the previously mentioned materials — Automatron, Wasteland Workshop, and Far Harbor — are set to provide Fallout 4 players with plenty more reasons to jump back into the Boston Commonwealth. In truth, the only decision fans have to make at this point is whether or not to pick up the DLC separately at individual prices, or to go all-in with the Season Pass for $50.

Fallout 4 is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Pete Hines – Twitter (via VG 24/7)


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