Fallout 76 Trailer Shows Off Vault 76, May Be an Online Game

Fallout 76 Trailer Shows Off Vault 76, May Be an Online Game


  • Fallout 76 is named after Vault 76, a location in Fallout universe lore
  • More information is expected at E3 2018
  • It may have some form of online component unlike past Fallout games

Bethesda showed off a trailer for a new game in the Falloutuniverse called Fallout 76. Details are scant with a Fallout 76 trailer that shows off the interiors of Vault 76 complete with the retro-future aesthetic the series is known for. In Fallout lore, vaults are subterranean installations designed to house 1,000 citizens in the event of a nuclear war. Vault 76 was designed to open 20 years after such a war and has been referenced in past Fallout games but never actually shown till known. Vault 76 is among the seventeen known control vaults, meaning that it was used as a baseline to compare to experimental vaults.

Although if you were expecting an offline-only affair like past Fallout games, think again. Kotaku’s Jason Schreier claims it will have some form of an online component.

“The next big game from Fallout developer Bethesda Game Studios is Fallout: 76, the company announced today, and although the studio hasn’t yet said what it is, we hear it’s an online game of some sort,” writes Schreier who has a solid track record. In the past he accurately reported new Assassin’s Creed games from Ubisoft as well as confirming several key pieces of information regarding Battlefield V’s micro-transactions and loot boxes. You can watch the trailer right here.


Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to find out. A full reveal is slated for E3 2018. A new Fallout game should come as no surprise since Fallout New Vegas followed Fallout 3 after roughly the same time frame. And while that game was developed by Obsidian, Bethesda states that Fallout 76 is an in-house project being developed by Bethesda Game Studios.