Why Your Gaming Group Should Use a Mobile Community Application

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In the world of online gaming, staying up to date with the latest strategies increases every gamer’s competitive edge. And the best way to remain on top of these newest tips and tricks to ace your battles is to join communities.

If you’re a noob, you’ll be surprised at how generous veteran gamers are in sharing their winning strategies. Whether you’re a single player or a multi-player, shortcuts and tricks can help you close in to the next level.

While Facebook groups and forums provide the basic functionalities for an online community with a single repository of discussions, these sites fall short of the demanding needs of fast-paced gamers. These include the freedom to use multiple aliases for privacy, various customization options, more organized messaging features, and other useful functionalities that a dedicated mobile community application has.

In this article, we would like to emphasize three points why your gaming group should consider signing up for a mobile community app.

It lets you share trade secrets securely

Unlike Facebook groups where  your personal details are easily view able among group members, a dedicated mobile community app like BAND allows you to use aliases so that you can control the level of information that you share with other members of a group. This way, you can give away anonymous tips to your guild without having to expose your identity.

It allows you to access your clan anywhere according to how you want to

Easy access to fresh information is crucial for gamers, and as such, they would sometimes look into forums and Facebook groups to get the information that they need. The thing is, most forums will require you to login to their websites, while using Facebook for this purpose requires you to use the mobile app, which also does a bunch of other things that can be too distracting.

Why resort to these portals when there are dedicated apps that can send you push notifications that are exclusively from your clan and nothing more? Using such apps, you can also choose whether to chat with all group members, just a select few, or only specific individuals.

You can win together

Let’s face it. Virtual gaming can be lonely, and even frustrating at times. It’s always good to have people around you to cheer you on, and it’s great to have access to folks you can learn from based on their own experiences. Besides, wouldn’t it be nice to celebrate your milestones and victories with a group of people who can appreciate your passion?

With a dedicated gaming group app, you can share game play videos and screenshots easily. You can also conduct polls on issues that matter to people like you. Finally, you can also quickly organize meet-ups, raids, and other events where you can engage with other members.

A connected community is a must whether you’re into MMORPG, adventure,PvP, Puzzle, RTS, sports, or FPS, or RPG gaming. Having a mobile app that gives you access to your gaming group hassle-free is definitely an advantage. What could be much better than having just a single app that does everything that you need, right?