Google Testing More Detailed Weather Card for Google Now: Reports

Google Testing More Detailed Weather Card for Google Now: Reports

According to some Android users, Google is testing a revamped weather card in Google Now. The card includes new features along with major changes in design and looks.

The new weather card in Google Now maximises, appearing like a full-fledged app. You can swipe to switch between Today, Tomorrow, and the next 10 Days. The new weather card also appears to be colour-coded on the time of day, unlike the current one, which mostly includes white background with minimal text in black and grey.

In the Today section, Google is also testing some graphics based on current weather. The full-screen card is seen with a frog-like character seen doing different test depending on the weather such as beaches and hiking trips.

In terms of features, the new Google Now weather card in addition to high/low temperature for different days, also shows more information including air quality, sunrise and sunset times, and related health messages. The updated Google Now weather card appears to be under testing with only a limited number of users as of now.

Google last month updated its Now on Tap feature, which debuted with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS version. The feature now understands a handful of more languages including French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Korean. It can also help users quickly track flight and package status. It now also shows an improved interface for related news articles.

To recall, the Now on Tap feature is a big improvement to Google Now as it provides contextual information within an app itself. It works within any app and automatically searches the context present on the screen by just long pressing the home button.